Vocal Toning

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Toning is a powerful vocal healing method that resonates the body, brain and subtle energy fields using our own  self-created sounds. It uses sustained vocalization of individual tones (mainly the open vowel sounds) directed to specific areas of the body.

Through concentration on breath, sound, movement, body language and inner imagery, toning”tunes” and recalibrates our being on all levels. It restores the vibrational pattern of the body (physical and subtle) to its perfect electro-magnetic field, to its original divine blueprint.  It opens our voices and emotions, develops heightened awareness and focus, synchronizes and balances our brainwaves, increases oxygenation, reduces stress and pain, awakens repressed memories,  expands our consciousness, and brings us back into  embodied wholeness and harmony.

Toning can also specifically help with vocally related issues such as fear of speaking or singing, strengthening a weak or damaged voice, reversing perceived tone deafness and tuning the musical ear.

No musical background is necessary to gain the benefits of toning and it is particularly effective for individuals who may be inhibited or uncomfortable with the sharing  of personal /emotional content.

Clients can learn how to tone for themselves as well as receive the powerful effects of toning and vibrational healing. Toning is a potent technique used alone or in conjunction with other healing methods.




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