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Kate is a  wonderful psychotherapist and healer who integrates many modalities with great skill and sensitivity. Through powerful emotional release and  energy/body work she guided me to let go of early  trauma, dissolve  layers of resistance, and blockage and reconnect with my core energy,  and authentic self. I feel like a new person in just a few sessions! I highly recommend her work!!! – F.P.,  Interior Designer, Santa Fe, NM

I went very deep into a state of relaxation and trust, the healing energy was very strong, Kate brought through spontaneous vocal  tones and healing sounds with crystal bowls which were  very  powerful and resonated deep into my being.  I feel profound shifts and transformation on all levels, and much more grounded, alive and clear. I am so grateful... – L.M., Writer and Yoga Teacher, Santa Fe, NM

The VoiceBio profile was surprisingly accurate showing  specific  frequency imbalances related to  my physical and emotional health which I can continue to  work with on my own to come  back into balance.  I intend to tone the notes daily that I need  for my healing as well as follow up with other recommendations. – S.W., Sstrologer and Singer, Albuquerque, NM

I was transformed into my light body, taken home to a place I remember, a place of love, joy, light , peace and beauty. I  felt deeply loved and connected to source. I became a spiral of light moving up into the stars. It was like riding a beam  of light into  a new dimension of time and space. I was shown why I went through the experiences I’ve been in for the past 5 years and have a deeper  knowing of who I am. I feel so much more  clarity, and inner peace.” H.M., – Occupational Therapist, Santa Fe, NM

Kate is a spiritual archeologist, sound-wave technician and ‘inner radiance’ light healer. She infuses sound frequencies and ‘creation’ tones into specific areas of the body to release outdated behavior patterns and thought forms.  This in turn re-calibrates and unifies the mind, body and spirit. Kate is also an energetic harmonizer who uses her gifts to help reconfigure and read the body systems’ blueprints, thus unraveling and revealing the mysteries of the soul for each individual. Her work facilitates instantaneous healing and awakening and bridges the inner gap between heaven and earth, paving the way for one to move into the higher dimensions with ease and grace.Her sacred harmonic journeys and group initiations of light allow others to spontaneously time-travel and reconnect with the higher aspects of themselves to achieve a profound sense of inner peace, divine purpose and renewed vitality.” – Bryan de Flores, Spiritual Teacher, Channel, Visionary Artist, Director of Lightquest International,  www.bryandeflores.com

Kate Marks is a great healer. What she does with her voice and healing hands is extraordinary and life changing. Her work reaches into all of my bodies, not just the physical. I have even had past life experiences come forward for me to see and then to work with”.  – Sophiea, Artist and Metaphysical teacher, Santa Fe, NM

Kate is a powerful teacher and therapist with a wealth of knowledge to share. From joyful celebrations to deep transformational healing she is a skilled guide and compassionate facilitator”.  – J.R., Amherst, MA

I have worked with Kate privately and in groups over several years. She helped to turn my life around after a painful divorce and serious illness. Through our work together, I have regained my health, developed self-esteem and clarity about my life, and learned to express my feelings. I was lucky to find a psychotherapist who integrates bodywork, vibrational healing as well as a holistic, spiritual perspective.”   – L.P., Northampton, MA

Kate has been an important teacher/mentor in my life. She worked with me during an intense period when my mother was dying. Besides providing a unique blend of counseling, body/energywork, she helped me to create a powerful ritual to release my mother and deal with my feelings about death and dying”.  – K.H., Boulder, CO

Kate is a gifted healer, musician and ritual facilitator – well grounded in several spiritual traditions. Through song, dance, drumming and guided journeys, she unites and inspires a group easily and raises powerful energy for healing and transformation.”  – R.L., New Lebanon, NY

Kate’s full moon circle was filled with the power of sound, and really opened my mind up to the healing possibilities of sound in my life. Kate was very open and welcoming – she obviously loves her work and knows what she’s doing, and how to get people to join in and have fun with the process. I especially loved the call and response chanting, as well as the candle ritual at the workshop’s end. Very powerful and beautiful.” – Dante,  Santa Fe, NM

Thank you SO much for being willing to make your self and time available to me in a challenging time. Your insights have been REALLY helpful to me in getting better perspective on what’s happening and aligning my thoughts, feelings and energies. Thanks you.” – Aleia Baza, Redwood City. CA

Kate is a wonderful, and very tuned in sound healer. She facilitated the group beautifully for new comers to those more familiar with sound healing.” Patty Kalahar, Santa Fe, NM

Thanks for the reading the other night. I had more insights once I got home, and  am watching how things you saw are very true – around me and within me. ” M Lewis, Artist and Web designer, Santa Fe, NM

Kate was able in one session to relieve the pain and spasm in my back and it has not returned( its been over 3 weeks now)! I had been suffering with acute  back spasm for  couple of months and gone to several different  bodyworkers and chiropractors with no relief.. Thanks so much, Kate. You have  magical hands and a great healing gift. – Lydia, massage therapist, Santa Fe,NM

Thank goodness for Kate and her splendid work. My latest session was such a profound experience–the release of long-held blocked energy and trauma. Kate’s invitation to sound and move whatever I was feeling was an important element in this. I am impressed with her ability to attune to my needs of the moment–she always provided the appropriate touch, sound and instruction for my next step.. Blessings to you, dear friend. And much appreciation for your loving integrity, impeccability and deep connection with the Divine. – J. Ballard,composer, and sound healer
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