Ritual, Ceremony & Rites of Passage

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As an ordained minister, Kate integrates ritual, celebration and rites of passage into her therapeutic and coaching services. She offers customized rituals, initiation and empowerment ceremonies and rites of passage, to help her clients mark a special time, make changes, move through life transitions and bring healing, blessing, closure, deeper clarity and meaning to an event. She can help you create your own simple rituals that are not necessarily associated with any religious /spiritual path or tradition.

Kate is available to consult with you to design or co-create a ritual or ceremony for any occasion including:

  • Marriage or Commitment
  • Healing
  • Divorce or Loss of Loved One
  • House and Land Blessings
  • Baby Blessings
  • Coming of Age – Rites of Passage for Girls and Boys

Kate also leads seasonal celebrations, new and full moon ceremonies, and earth-based rituals. She weaves songs, chants, toning, drumming, crystal singing bowls and sound healing into all facets of ritual making. See her book and CD, Circle of Song, Song,Chants and Dances for Ritual and Celebration.

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Ritual and Transformation

Ritual is a powerful catalyst for healing and transformation. We will explore the power of ritual as a therapeutic tool, looking at ways it can been used by individuals, couples, families and groups for marking a special time, making a change, moving through a life transition or bringing closure and deeper meaning to important events. We will learn how to create simple rituals for ourselves and others, Includes healing work, inner journeys, expressive arts, movement song, chant and sound.

Moving On

Ritual is a useful tool for helping us to let go and move on in our life. In a safe, supportive space, you will be guided to face your pain and fears and take the next step in our journey, creating a personal ceremony of release, transformation and empowerment. Includes healing work, inner journeys, expressive arts, movement, sound, and song. Bring a journal and objects which symbolize what you wish to release, and to call forth in your life.

Kate has been deeply involved in the women’s spirituality Goddess movement for many years and is especially interested in empowerment for women and girls. Starhawk, Z Budapest, Margot Adler, Brook Medicine Eagle, Vicki Noble have been some of her teachers.


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Women, Wisdom and Power

In a nurturing, supportive circle, we will give voice to our stories and dreams, heal our wounds, and reclaim our power and wisdom. Through exploration of archetypes, inner journeys, song, dance, drumming, expressive arts and ceremony, we will honor our life passages and celebrate our woman/Goddess spirit. Each woman will be empowered to take the next step in her journey. Sacred dances, chants and songs will be woven into the fabric of the workshop. Bring ceremonial objects and a journal.

Wise Women Celebrating Mid-life

Many women are experiencing, a new freedom, a spiritual, creative rebirth as they move into mid-life† and beyond. Through† inner journeys, writing, art, movement, sound, expressive /theater arts and ritual, women will explore this powerful mid-life passage, moving through their pain and fears, celebrating their creativity, wisdom and power. The workshop will culminate in a co-created ritual of empowerment (“Croning”) ceremony.

Self-Esteem and Rites of Passage for Girls

This workshop will offer tools to help adolescent girls deal with stress, develop self esteem, enhance self-expression, creativity and communication skills and connect more deeply with their soul essence. Includes writing, song, dance, drama, meditation, expressive arts, as well as ideas for creating meaningful coming of age ceremonies. Each girl will be empowered and supported in her journey. (This workshop can also be modified for parents/adults working with girls.)


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