front-cover-JSH-CDJourneys in Sound and Healing CD

by Kate Marks, MSW © 1988/2007

Journeys in Sound and Healing CDISBN 9637489-55 

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Track 1 – Exploration of vibration and sound, especially the human voice, as a powerful healing force. Includes historical and scientific information, discussion of chant, mantra, overtone singing and toning. Accompanied by tamboura, harmonium and voice. 42 minutes

Track 2 – A guided meditative journey beginning with deep inner listening and attunement, and moving into an active process of vocal toning, to open the voice, release stress and restore health. Accompanied by tamboura, harmonium, synthesizer, ocean sounds and voice. 37 minutes

“Kate guides us with a warm confident tone into deep relaxation and awareness of the sounds within and without. The slow pace and steady background make it easy to let go into altered states. A very healing and satisfying meditation on different vibrational spaces, to be enjoyed repeatedly.” – “Heartsong Review”

Journeys in Sound and Healing PDF

This pdf contains all the information from the CD and MP3 of the same name but includes much more information and many exercises. Coming soon!!!

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