Circle of Song: Chants & Songs for Ritual & Celebration © Kate Marks 1999Circle of Song: Chants and Songs for Ritual and Celebration

By Kate Marks and Friends © 1999, ISBN-0-9637489-39 $16

Includes 16 songs, chants and rounds drawn from Buddhist, Sufi, Native American, Jewish, African, Hindu and Celtic traditions as well as contemporary earth based ritual and circle songs. Produced and performed by Kate Marks in collaboration with other artists, it features beautiful, rich multi-layered musical arrangements, vocal harmonies and rhythms that inspire us and resonate deep in our beings. The music and lyrics for the songs and chants on this CD are printed in the companion book Circle of Song: Songs, Chants and Dances for Ritual and Celebration

This CD can be purchased on its own or as part of a CD/book pack.
Book and CD Pack available, ISBN-0-9637489-20    $35

You can also down load the CD electronically as an MP3 through CD Baby.

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